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Up to 10 litres

1€ (IVA included) per each little

More than 10 litres

10€ (IVA included)

La certificación de aire respirable seguro.

Breathing air is the most important item of equipment, the basic requirement for a safe diving pleasure. At Buceo Wayuu we are aware of the responsibility we have regarding the air we supply to our customers. We are conscoius of the dangers which may arise due to contaminated air, we operate our compressor with the highest standards of cleaning, filtering and professionalism. Our Center has been certified as a BAUER PureAir Station which distinguishes us as an outstandingly safety-conscious and trustworthy operator.


Some of the air pollutants:

Humidity >

In case humidity is not completely removed from the compressed air it can lead to corroding metal components in breathing equipment or diving cylinders from the inside. Our BAUER KOMPRESSOREN has been designed to totaly eliminate the air humidity.

Oil >

In case residual oil in the breathing air is distinctly above the limit value, then the diver notices an oily or stale taste. In addition to acute irritation with coughing and breathing difficulties, nausea and vomiting are likely to occur. The oily mixture can form a permanent deposit in the lungs and thus damage the tissue when frequently inhaled.

Carbon monoxide >

Particularly dangerous is the odorless and tasteless carbon monoxide (CO). CO stops the bond of oxygen to the blood, thus causing an insufficient transport of oxygen towards all vital organs. This can and will cause headache, dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness and even heart failure. Even breathing in small doses under 0.01 vol.% (100 ppm) may cause chronic illness of the heart and nerves. Doses of 0.1 vol.% (1000 ppm) and higher are fatal after prolonged inhalation.

Carbon dioxide >

Carbon dioxide is a natural component of air in very small concentrations. However, in higher doses it leads to breathing limitation and even respiratory arrest. The air breathed in containing too high concentrations of carbon dioxide accelerates heartbeat, increases blood pressure and causes shortness of breath and unconsciousness from a concentration of approximately 5 vol.% (50.000 ppm). Concentrations from 8 vol.% (80.000 ppm) can and will lead to lethal consequences within 30 to 60 minutes. The maintenance and the air filters of our compressor guarantee the purity and absence of monoxide and carbon dioxide in the air that we supply to our customers.


Revisión de Botellas

Cada 3 años


Inspección Periódica y Retimbrado (contraste). Inspección exterior e interior de golpes y desperfectos. Limpieza interior y exterior del casco. Control de espesores de la botella con ultrasonidos. Prueba hidráulica por dilatación volumétrica. Inspección de la rosca y la válvula. Entregaremos una ficha individual de cada botella con todos datos técnicos, el test de su estado inicial y los trabajos efectuados.

Cada año


Inspección visual. Incluye lo mismo que la inspección de los 3 años pero sin prueba de dilatación.